We want a regular 30-40 people at each event. Which means a membership of around 50-70 in total – so with their guests, on average we make that.

We run it as an informal Club, covering its costs.  Not as an outright money-maker.  To create an environment for exceptional enjoyment & camaraderie, with a heart of regulars.  Membership is free, at least for now – ie. a sincerely interested mailing list. To provide uncommon delight and experience for everyone.

We’re at Richmond College which directly opposite the stadium on the south side of the A316 dual carriageway – a really quick and easy walk (or sprint) to kick-off.  There’s also plenty of parking if you want it or for drop off/pick up, and feeds directly on to the A316 going west for an easy getaway.

We are working on a lunch cost of £70 per head, to include a reasonable amount of drinks.

We are particularly looking to attract debenture holders and/or club regulars, with tickets.  However, we are aware that these days tickets can be acquired elsewhere too.

Apply for Membership or get in touch through the Contact Us page (email or phone) if you are interested in hearing more.

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